Front Hall Table

I bought this console table at HomeSense awhile ago and I left it like it came for awhile. I loved the casual feel of the wood.

But truthfully it always looked unfinished in our house, because nothing else had that wood tone. While doing an unrelated project with a dark gray/black paint, I took my paintbrush to the table. I wasn't too nervous about it because after living with it exposed like that for so long I was confident that a colour would be more suited to our house.

It kind of ties in with our stripes from our runner. It now grounds the entranceway. I need to find something for above it, not sure what though. Oh, and look at those dust bunnies collecting by the floor vent. Don't you love how photos pick up things you miss? *sigh*

UPDATE: The colour of the paint is CIL Forest Black DL50


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