Plans for the master bedroom and a mini-honeymoon

Welcome to new visitors and a big thanks to everyone who's left a comment recently - they are so appreciated and please keep them coming!

As I shared on First Time Fancy yesterday, I recently started work on our master bedroom. Before I can get to any of the fun stuff - painting, decorating, etc. - I have to sand down two textured walls (the loud sigh of unhappiness goes here). I've finished the first round of sanding (and I now have a pretty good idea of what I'll look like when my hair goes gray), but it will probably take another round or two before the walls are nice and smooth and ready for paint. Once that's done, this is the plan for our neutral-themed room:

  1. This is the wall colour - Benjamin Moore's linen white. It's one the of their Pottery Barn Fall/Winter Colours and I think it's the perfect backdrop for this room.
  2. I've actually already sewn these floor-to-ceiling curtain panels (we have 9-ft. ceilings in our bedroom, so it's a whole lotta fabric). The fabric is made to look like rough silk and the colour is actually champagne, although it looks darker in this picture. They'll cover the entire wall behind our bed to help disguise an off-center window (the window itself will get a white, 2-inch wood blind).
  3. I love this curtain rod by Umbra - it's one of the darker elements that will help ground the room.
  4. Matching table lamps will provide another touch of black. I'm planning to spraypaint our current lamps a glossy white and keep their black linen shades.
  5. These Ikea night stands are very similar to the ones I bought at a yard sale for $10 each. I'm adding glass knobs and I'm thinking about adding trim around the bottom to dress them up a bit.
  6. This step likely won't happen until the spring, but I love Pergo's chocolate walnut laminate flooring. We're still going back and forth between laminate and hardwood, so for those of you who've made the choice, please share your advice!
  7. I definitely want to add some texture to the room with natural elements like this jute area rug.
  8. I LOVE this bed. We already have white linens, but the fabric headboard is a future DIY project that will also help disguise the off-center window. 
Of course there will be lots of other elements in the room - art, a blue dresser that needs to be painted a yet-to-be-determined neutral colour, a floor-length mirror with a chunky black frame (that I'm thinking about spraypainting oil-rubbed bronze) and plenty of accessories. I'd also love a rustic wood bench like this one for the foot of the bed.

But first, more sanding...after Adam and I get back from our mini-honeymoon in Iceland (we leave tonight)! Sure we'll miss out on pumpkin pie, but I think soaking in the Blue Lagoon, touring the Golden Circle, hiking a glacier and eating lots of delicious seafood will make up for it :)

An early Happy Thanksgiving to all my Canadian readers!


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