25 Things All About Me?!

1. It's almost 2am and I should be either cleaning or sleeping, but here I am holding my sleeping baby and typing.

2.Lots of people say their first impression of me is that I'm stuck up and intimidating. So not cool.

3. I once got a lawn mower "stuck" in reverse and I went round and round under a volleyball net, in front of my (then) boyfriend. I still wince when I think of it.

4. I'm a night owl.

5. My biggest fear in life is something happening to one of my kids.

6. I have a freckle on the very end of my big toe. Check for it if you ever need to I.D. me.
Just trying to help out.

7. My nose randomly surprises me by dripping.
Super fast drippings.

8. I still like playing Lego's.

9. I am a born again Christian and hope that my boys will see the Love Of God through my life every day.

10. I am super embarrassed for ANYONE to see our garage right now.
It looks like someone thought it was a salt shaker. Our backyard is pretty face flaming as well.
 I promise we only have 3 kids! (they each happen to have 17 ride-on toys though)

11. I collected slugs in a large bucket as a young girl. All.The.Time.

12. I could never say no to a dare when I was younger if it involved me making money. (getting slug slime off your tongue is almost impossible BTW)

13. I'm a WWII history lover.

14. I love to write fiction but don't have the time anymore.

15. I love to hunt and fish!

16. Listening to my boys converse is one of my favorite pastimes.

17. I used to wear ugly clothes just to try and annoy my older sisters. It worked some of the time:-)

18. Speaking of clothes... Not much of a fashion queen here. Wish I had a personal shopper because I dislike shopping for clothing.

19. I ate oatmeal raisin cookies for breakfast and lunch today. That's it. My mum would be so proud.

20. I could count on one hand the times I've gotten to sleep through the night in the last five years.
Bless my dear children:-)

21. I collect old milk bottles but have no idea what to do with them.

22. I can hardly type this...I HATE fingernails on a chalkboard. HATE, in a bone chilling, shivery, earache kinda way.

23. My hair has been to my ankles before.

24. I am four years older than my husband. Would marry him again in a heartbeat.

25. I think I talk too much about myself cause I had no problem thinking these up:-) (did I mention that most people think I'm quiet? Before they get to know me)

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