DIY (fake) succulents

A HUGE thank you to everyone who commented or tweeted in response to my baby news - you guys are the best!

Ever since the garden shops closed for the season and succulents became impossible to find, I've been really wanting to add a few to our house (I have great timing).  On Tuesday night I was in Michael's pondering the exorbitant price they're charging for wool roving, when I stumbled across some plastic succulents. I know you're probably silently praying that I didn't buy one (spoiler alert: I did), but hear me out. I'm normally not a fan of fake plants, but I've been killing a lot of plants lately (not on purpose, mind you) and it kind of seemed like the right thing to do.

via All my friends are dead.

Also, it was on sale and I figured I could afford a $4 chance. Here's what I came home with (in addition to pictures of something at HomeSense I'm trying to convince my husband to let me buy):

Please excuse the flash - I was working at night!
I added peastone from our driveway, cut the succulents off the stem and arranged them on top.

My apologies if you can't get over the whole fake plant thing, but I'm thinking it's not the worst placeholder until I can find the real thing. Where do you stand on fake plants?


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