DIY Vintage Style Labels

I have a profound love for old apothecary bottles and jars.
I just want to eat them up.
{How hard can it be to remove glass from your tongue, lips, gums, stomach lining...}

I found two sets of neat free labels and decided it was time to label the world with beautiful, coffee stained apothecary labels.

I was looong overdue (or perhaps very early?) on a present for my lil' sister.
I am an awful, horrible, no-good person at picking out presents for my sisters.
This was a shot in the dark.
(and no, the sign was not a hint. She told me she wanted it for her kids bathroom)

Hobby Lobby helped me out with all the jars (and the basket).
You can find the herb labels and staining instructions here.
Or let your kids make up their own staining instructions.
Heaven knows my kids have perfected the art!

I had a few random bottles in the bathroom that needed a beauty mark.
You can find these kind here.
Umm, no I don't keep syrup in the bathroom.
Who cares when you look so pretty?

These little jars all headed to market.
We'll see if they come home or not:-)

I attached all my labels with just a bit of modge podge smeared on the backs of them.
So go stick a label on something.

By the way you people...
I'll be working on a wonderful giveaway to celebrate 1000!

(what are you all going to do if they take away gfc? Tips? Ideas?
 Leave me a comment and let me know!)


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