Chapters Round-up

While I was in Ottawa last weekend, my friend and I took her 3-month old daughter on her first Chapters outing. I spent most of my time browsing their "lifestyle" section, which seems to keep getting bigger and better. Here are a few of the items I was drooling over. I didn't bring anything home with me, but I can't get that soapdish out of my head, so I may have to go back and grab one. I've included the online prices below, but many of these items were on sale in-store (including that grey vase, which I carried around the store for awhile - the colour was so soft and pretty!).
  1. Set of 3 hammam guest towels, $24.50
  2. Round vintage bath container, $19.50
  3. Shellish grey vase, $14.50
  4. Giraffe bookend, $32.00
  5. Goa soapdish, $14.00
  6. Large porcelain candleholder, $29.50
Adam's working tomorrow, so I'm planning to tackle the trim painting in the basement. I'm hoping to have some reveal photos for you on Monday! What are you up to this weekend?


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