I'm going to be on CityLine and some rug love!

If you saw my tweets 2 weeks ago you may have seen that Leigh-Ann and Patrick were at my house filming for an upcoming Cityline Episode. [See a picture of them filming after the jump] It's not a huge segment with me, but I do make an appearance and it will air on February 13th. The shoot was a well oiled machine - they came in and in one take we were done. [Which made me somewhat sad because it was so much fun and I wanted it to last longer]

Aa week later, Leigh-Ann was by and she happened to have a rug from West Elm in her car that she thought would work in our house. She brought it in, and I gasped at how much it completely transformed the room - and proceeded to snap a lot of photos. Isn't it lovely? Aubrey liked it too, and said we could get it - but I'm a little sensitive about saving for the kitchen and bathroom. Also, I'm a little nervous that something with that much of a pattern will compete with other things, like the artwork I'm working on (coming soon). I'm gun shy. But even though we're not getting it, it made me realize that we really need to get a rug (and an 8x10 will work!) and it gave me insight into the value of decorators - they push you to look at things you may not have considered. Anyhow, if I can't have it for my house, maybe one of you can grab it!! ;)

West Elm Dhurrie Rug
Ps., Click on read more to see a picture of them filming in our house!
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