Chippy Heaven {Before & After}

I have been rolling through the dresser options lately and finally (after weeks of searching) scored this dresser on CL for a great price.
(When I say great price then I mean less than $75)

I was happy to see that it was already painted an ugly copper color.
I hate painting an old piece of furniture when it is in perfectly good, unpainted condition.

I have been slow cheap about jumping on the bandwagon and trying out some of the new paints that everyone is loving.
I decided to go for the Old Fashioned Milk Paint that I had seen Marian from Miss Mustard Seed use.
I used the color Snow White.
I was very unsure of how it was going to work with the previous paint.
I sanded it up a little since the copper paint was super smooth and I knew this paint was not a paint that sticks really well.

Can I just say...
I fell in Milk Paint Love.

Achieving that very old, chippy look has been something I've worked towards for a long time.
Never could quite get it.
Milk Paint was my missing ingredient.

This paint has a mind of its own for sure.
It chips where it wants to.
Just like regular old paint would.

I used two different waxes to finish it off.
Minwax clear wax and Fiddes & Sons in Rugger Brown.
The hardware I removed and then painted with Caromal Colours since it gives a super hard finish that I knew would hold up well.
(I gently brushed the hardware with a little wax to add color when the paint had dried)
I found a local store that sells the Milk Paint.
I am super excited to try it out on some signs!
And I have just the right sign in mind...
Stay tuned.

(By the way, if you've been around here a while then you've heard me talk about Milk paint before, but I have always been referring to the COLOR Milk Paint that I like to use from Lowes. It is normal paint. The Paint I am referring to in this post is actual Milk Paint.)

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