Searching for Accessories

I've been trying to find a blue & white vase, much like my Mother has in her house - I've been searching vintage shops, antique stores, online, etsy - with no luck. (Or if I did find something, it was super expensive)A friend reminded me to check out Chinatown here in Toronto, and so yesterday afternoon we three took a quick trip to a store I like, Tap Phong Trading Company. Have you been? You must! Here is the trick - You have to go into the store and picture certain things out of the context of a packed store mixed with the weird and the wonderful. I spotted a lovely blue & white vase in the clutter of the store & looked like nothing special but once home, I think it fits right in. And it was $8.99. Awesome. :) I'll post some more pictures of other little finds later but I had to post this beauty.

Here are some shots of our jaunt over to the area. Don't you love exploring your own city? Playing tourist for the day? Anyhow, if you're in Toronto don't forget to check down in Chinatown for the best accessories. Again, picturing things out of the context of clutter is the key to finding treasures. :)


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