Two-toned desk DIY

Thank you for your lovely comments and compliments about my newly-sewed slipcover. You guys are the best!

Currently, our new interior doors are lined up in the garage, freshly stained and waiting for a couple coats of poly (I like to imagine that Adam is at home poly-ing as I type this). That means the doors are no longer taking up space in our living room/dining room (as an aside, I knew it had taken us too long to get around to this project when not having the doors in the room felt weird).

With the doors out of the way, I was able to make some progress on my little work area. This is our old dining table and the top got pretty beaten up in storage. Nothing that a fresh coat of paint wouldn't fix.

The colour is Martha Stewart's Sharkey grey (I picked up a sample container for $1). I really like the way it contrasts with the white legs - very subtle, but just interesting enough. Since it's not furniture paint, I'm going to ask Adam to add a couple coats of poly so I don't have to worry about marking up the surface (again - I already have a couple of spots to touch up). Then comes the fun part, adding accessories!


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