Decluttering, Recyling the Magazines

In an effort to declutter my office, I'm tossing out a lot of magazines. I'm somewhat overwhelmed with stuff. I see others (like designers) holding onto their magazines, and I hesitated for a moment but realized 1. I'm not a decorator and 2. I'm organizing more of my ideas online instead of re-flipping through magazines. Although I still love my magazines I've decided to recycle.

I have had a few key pages pinned to my bulletin boards so I've been scanning them, in an effort to save the inspiration that has lasted year and year. This one is one bedroom from Elle Decor that I've always adored. The pale green wall with the blue tufted headboard and that purple pillow all work for me. So expect a few fun images as I scan and recycle. ;)

Image: Elle Decor 


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