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A couple of weekends ago, Adam and I went to pick up our latest Kijiji purchase - a crib. No, it's not to pamper the dog (pet cribs actually exist, I looked it up). We're having a baby!

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That's why it's been a little quieter than usual around here lately. I can honestly say I've never been more tired in my life (for awhile there, it was all I could do to stay awake for dinner). There are also a few projects I had planned that I couldn't do when I found out I was pregnant (like staining our interior doors). Luckily Adam has really stepped it up and he assures me that he'll stain the doors as soon as the basement's finished (we're at the trim painting stage, which I can totally help out with).

I'm a little more than 12 weeks along (we're having an August baby) and starting to get my energy back. My stomach is also feeling better - I was never throwing up, I just felt like I had a month and a half long hangover (you know, when you feel hungry but everything you eat makes you feel sick?). I also managed to faint on the bus on the way to work one day (hello, embarrassing), but I've been carrying a water bottle around since then and that seems to be working.
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My sister-in-law and a friend have already loaned me a bunch of maternity clothes and books, so for now I'm focusing on the fun stuff, like daydreaming about our future nursery (which also helps me cope with the exciting but totally terrifying reality that I'm going to be responsible for a living, breathing human). Oh, and the crib is a future DIY project, so if you have any tips on crib painting (like what kind of paint is safe to use) please share!


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