Numbered Coat Rack

Now you might think I have an obsession with coat racks.

You might be right.

This one came to me in a smooth creamy yellow color with electric blue words airbrushed on it saying
 "this is the times".

Say wha?

It was hideously ugly to say the least, but it was also on clearance at Ross.

I painted it once.
I didn't like it.

I painted it again.
I didn't like it.

Umm, I say with much shame...
I painted and textured  it again....

I didn't like it.

Fourth times a charm.

It will be for sale in our booth in Granbury at Market On The Square.

Unless you see it and can't live without it:-)
I'm cool like that.

I painted another one of these for a customer.

It's such a happy sign.

Stick around the next few weeks and I'll show you some more I'm working on.

Happy 2012 to all!


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