He's A Keeper...

Have I mentioned that I married a pretty sweet guy?

I tend to be a fairly independent, can-do kind of person, but there are some things that I neither have the time to do, nor the talent.
Enter Derek.

This is our front hall/entry/living room.

You know how weight loss adds always show the person 50lbs overweight, no makeup and in their underjams?
Yup, that's how you see my house right here.

Derek is in process of doing some planking on these walls.
I. can. not. wait. to show you the final look!

He also made/painted this sign for a coworker since I didn't have time.
Nice job eh?

He has a few other good merits as well:
He is patient and kind to me.
Wrestles and plays with our boys almost every evening.
Watches them for me when I'm going crazy busy.
Would buy me the moon if I asked for it.
He has a ruptured eardrum right now and has hardly complained.
(I do have to yell for him to hear me though:-)
He takes me to Buffalo Wild Wings the moment I hint about it.
He sacrificed his own hunting for me to get two deer this season.
Listens to all of my crazy decor ideas, and even helps me out with them when I ask.
Listens and sometimes comments to my many, many questions and ramblings about life.
Always puts the toilet seat back down.
Comes home to us every evening and calls if he will be late.
Provides for us, loves us and so much more.

 If I had to choose again....
I would choose him a million times.

So anyway, we've been busy with projects and sick kids.
That's life!



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