Wallpaper your filing cabinet

I've been slowly converting the area behind our couch into a workspace for yours truly. It consists of our old dining room table, which is pretty beaten up and needs to be re-painted. I'm trying to brainstorm something a little different, which may or may not involve stripes. We had an old filing cabinet in the basement that I had fancied up with some fabric, but unfortunately my cat mistook it for an awesome new scratching post. Still, I thought it would be a good place to stash my sewing machine, fabric scraps and other bits of craft supplies. I had some leftover wallpaper from good ol' Home Depot lying around, so I measured and cut and glued it onto the filing cabinet with a combination of spray adhesive and modge podge (at the time, this somehow seemed less messy to me than just using water).

I didn't have enough wallpaper for perfect pattern matching and I swear the pattern was more stretched out in some places than in others (this can't possibly be true, but go with me), so the side that faces the wall is a little funky (luckily you don't see it) and you can the seams on the top are visible up close (the plan is to find a brightly-coloured tray that will hold jars of pens, coloured pencils and other office-y supplies, so that shouldn't matter too much either).

Plenty of room for my sewing machine and basket...

And my scrap fabric. This is only some of it - yes, I have a habit of putting things "away" and then not being to find them again. The phrase, "I think I saw it..." is uttered frequently and totally drives Adam crazy.

Now to figure out what to do with that desk...


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