It's here!

Guess what arrived over the holidays?

If you guessed the totally awesome lino block print I won in Designwali's giveaway, you're a really good guesser (I, on the other hand, get really excited by questions that start with "Guess what...?" only to remember as my mind instantly goes blank that I'm terrible guesser).

Anyway, back to the print. It arrived with a sweet little note from Toronto printmaker Ele of Minouette and went straight into a frame and up on the gallery wall in my living room.

Obviously my photography skills don't do it justice, but I assure you it's lovely and adds an interesting pop of colour to my gallery wall. Be sure to check out Ele's Etsy shop to see all her great pieces and a huge THANK YOU to both Ele and Designwali for this awesome Christmas gift!


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