Whirlwind Crazy Fun Times

Last Thursday evening was the start to a very busy 24 hours.

1. Thursday, 5:00pm - Aubrey gets home from work and drives me downtown to the Intercontinental Hotel. There is something I adore about driving into the downtown at night. I love seeing big sky scrapers lit up against the night sky, people dressed up going to shows, shopping, leaving the big towers where they work on Bay Street. I get checked in, and got down to some final preparations for BlogPodium, which was being hosted in the adjoining conference centre the next morning. I unpack, and do some final prep. The room was beautiful, I am a sucker for hotel rooms. I love how everything has a place.

2. 8:00 pm I attended the Interior Design Show Gala with friends (can you spot some awesome bloggers in my midst?) 10:00 pm I ate dinner alone in the Hotel Restaurant. It was kind of weird, but strangely zen eating alone. It was some quiet time I definitely needed. By 110pm, I was back in my hotel room and by Midnight, asleep.

3. Friday, January 27th 6:00 am I wake up to three different alarms (I was so nervous I'd sleep through them all!) - I order room service and Shannon texts me at 7:30 to say she's arrived and is ready to come by to help bring things to our room.

4. 9:30 am BlogPodium was in full gear. Quite simply, it was AWESOME. I was absolutely thrilled at the reaction to the event. And equally excited at the reaction to the fact that our next conversation will be in May, and the topic is "The Business of Blogging" Fun times.

And then....the event ends, I chat unfortunately way too quickly with people, I go back to my hotel room, I have lunch with my brother Peter, who was on site helping us with BlogPodium, and then continue onto the Interior Design Show. By 3pm I was back home, in my own house ....

I'm still unwinding from the high of being around so many cool people. :)


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