Entry/Living Room Reveal! (Before & After)

Okay, I know I've driven some of you people crazy waiting to show the planking we did in our entry and one wall in our living room.
What can I say?
I'm a dabbler.
I start painting a sign...
...get distracted...
start painting a room...
Start writing a post...

Yeah, I get distracted easily.
Here she is though!
Completely not how it will be in a few days since I have yet to "style" anything.

I finally got to put my .50 cent light to good use.
Please excuse the fact that is crooked here.

Here is a before shot from a few years back.


I love how the new walls make my little coat hook thing look fabulous:-)

The ledge has yet to be addressed or dressed at all.
I have no idea what will be happening up there...

The dresser is on its way out as well.
It was borrowed and is being returned to its owner.
I liked it for the photo's though.

The trim is plain, out-of-the-can white from Home Depot.
The wall color is Sherwin Williams "Alabaster".
I had it color matched at HD as well in Behr paint.

The shade is from Home Depot and the bamboo rug was borrowed from the kitchen
and was here when we moved in.

This is the planks we used from Lowes.
LOVE them and would highly recommend for the price and ease of installing.

So there ya have it!
I will share more when I update the ledge and move the dresser out.


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