Anyone seen any Allstate commercials or signs?

When Mayhem strikes they are they for you!
Please excuse the cell phone pic. Oh, right. Flooded room. Who cares.
We don't have Allstate.
Or foundation insurance.
Stinks for us.
When we bought this house 2 years ago then there was no disclosure about flooding.
Our family room flooded 3 times within 3 months of moving in.
It has to be a lot of rain, which we got last night.
So now we need french drains put in around our house.
I love Mayhem (yuck).
To bad it has to hit us right in the pocketbook.

Trying to look on the bright side...
My family room floor gets a complete cleaning!
Probably won't matter after we tear up all the baseboards though:-(
Perhaps the walls will need some planking.
Just a thought.



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