Pretty patterned shower curtain

Over the weekend, Adam and I took a little trip to Bed, Bath & Beyond with a gift card in hand. I was looking for a new shower curtain and Adam was looking to get in and out as quickly as possible (I swear, within 30 seconds of us walking through the doors he started asking me if I was done yet). I was hoping to find something for $24.99, when I stumbled across this beauty by Amy Butler for $49.99. Not to worry, I quickly rationalized that I was still saving money, so how could I not buy it?

Then we got up to the counter and it rang up at $13.99. Yes, $13.99. I held my breath. The cashier, who apparently really wanted to charge me $49.99, called over not one, but two managers, who looked at the computer and then at the shower curtain and then at each other and then at me and then finally, eventually decided that because they couldn't prove it wasn't $13.99, they'd have to go with the computer on this one.

I love the pop of colour it adds to our bathroom; it makes me smile everytime I walk into the room. And the price just makes it that much sweeter!

P.S. It's driving me crazy that the toilet paper roll is on backwards. I'd blame my husband, but at least he replaced it, right?


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