Another basement update

Finally, some progress shots of our basement! Just keep one thing in mind: we're not done yet.

I still need to paint the window (you can kind of see the painter's tape around the window panes) and the plan is to replace that bare bulb with some kind of track lighting (we just have to find something we like). This weekend we're hoping to have a large piece of carpet cut and bound to make a custom shaped area rug - you can see the ugly carpet remnants Adam's been using in the meantime. We also need to pick up a bookshelf from my mom's house (thanks mom) and add some other storage for cords, mics, music books, papers, etc. (in case you're wondering, that's a spare couch cushion inside the base drum - it helps dampen the sound).

This is the other side of the room - you can see we have another bare bulb to replace (there are actually three in the room) and some wires running across the ceiling that still need to be cleaned up. You also get a better view of those ugly carpet remnants - the area rug will leave more space around the border of the room, but you can see the bump out we need to work around (hence the custom shape). The furniture is also temporary. Adam obviously needs a larger desk, and we need some kind of unit to store the stereo (I'd also love to replace the chair, but Adam may fight me on that one).

This is the small storage room off Adam's studio. This space was completely unusable before (it didn't even have lights), so we feel like we've gained some brand new space. The plan is to build some shelving to maximize storage, but otherwise we're done here (it's a storage room after all).

I wish I had photos of the uninhabitable 70s man cave that our basement used to be, but you'll just have to trust me that this is a massive improvement. I can't wait to add those finishing touches!


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