3 counter alternatives to Carrara Marble

This is my last post on counters until we get something installed. Here is where we are - we've narrowed down our counter styles to three.  Cambria in Torquay , Caesarstone in Misty Carrera  and last but not least, Corian Rain Cloud. Each of the three options gives me the look of Carrera Marble, but without the upkeep or stress of etching/staining that it comes with.

Although this is my last post on counters, our decision isn't finalized. Truthfully, Aubrey actually loves one, and I another. Even though we haven't decided on which one, it will be one of the three above. I thought that if you are looking for a counter that looks like Carrera Marble, but without the upkeep of Carrera marble, you'll like to see these three styles together. If want more details about what we like and some of our concerns, read more after the jump...

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