Another alternative to Carerra Marble...

I had a business meeting at the Arcadian Loft yesterday with Jennifer, for BlogPodium. After the meeting we headed down to the lower level of the Bay at the Foodwares market and grabbed a bite to eat. And while I was looking for something to order I spotted the counter. Isn't it gorgeous? I was smitten!

Jen insisted that it was the Corian "Rain Cloud" style she has been telling me (for months) to consider. It couldn't be. The sample picture online looks pink and the sample I had previously picked up from the Home Depot was small that it didn't show such beautiful veining. I tweeted a photo, and everyone confirmed (including Arren Williams)- this indeed is Corian. GET OUT. We're narrowing our counter down, but this one has made it's way into the running. And it's from the Home Depot, which would make arranging ordering, and installation very easy. I've ordered a sample online and we'll see how it looks.


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