New Love & Time Management

Hi there...just a quick (well, at least extremely efficient) post to let you know that I am not dead but yet ALIVE and well over here. 

I am learning a lot about business and how I want to run mine. The past few weeks have been fast and furious! My family's personal life and schedule seem to be calming down and I finally feel like I am getting a handle on things in relation to managing house, home (family) and Restoration House. 

It's crazy...sometimes. This is my life. I am so blessed to have a supportive hubby, friends and all of you to support me, motivate me , and send encouraging words along the way. 

I've been working my bottom off to prep more pieces for my space at The Modern Cottage Company Vintage Market and a couple of shows coming up in the future. It's time to start stock piling (sounds so much like HOARDING but we all know it's not if it's furniture, right?)

I always find myself in a hard spot when trying to decide on a specific theme or design concept when putting my spaces together either for the store or for shows. I just love so many different styles, colors, textures, eras...

So, this week I am focusing on writing a bit more. I'll be sharing a tutorial-ish with you all next week and sharing more photos of my space at The Modern Cottage.

Until then, enjoy the great (extreme sarcasm) photos below. Forgive me for the poor quality. I was in such a rush to get down to the shoppe last night that I forgot my real camera and well, you guessed it....only had my phone. Sooo, the handy dandy camera phone wasn't SO DANDY.

I attempted to doctor the photos up in Photobucket (PB)...kinda falling in love with PB, BTW. 

Union Jack Coffee Table with accessories...still merchandising this spot but think it's coming together nicely. 

In case you were wondering what my NEW LOVE's this lady. Down there...I'll post more pics of her details in a couple of days.

New the detail on the drawers and the handles are to die for. Finished this in a sky blue and detailed in AS Old White.

 Until next time, 

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