Our home is filled with flowers right now. This is really my favourite time of year for blooms as they are so casual, so perfect. They seem to go into every room. I adore this time as well, as our Lilac trees (we have three) are in bloom. I love, love liacs. For some reason one tree decided not to produce a lot of flowers this year.   Peonies are in the stores right now, and I try not to buy too many at the store, as we have 6 bushes in our garden, that I will soon be enjoying at the end of May. The only downside to all the flowers throughout the house is that Mak the Cat goes nuts and eats them. Seriously. Even Oscar now points at her and says "No MAP MAP!" (We call her Mak Mak, but Oscar pronounces it Map Map) Anyhow, just a scene from our house this weekend. :)


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