I Instagramed My Vacation

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So this last week we took our first "vacation" since we've been married.
(more than 2 days and not to visit family)
Our boys had never really seen the ocean so it was great to introduce them!

We stayed in a condo just a few miles from Seaside Florida.

Lee ate half the beach.
It didn't seem to bother him too much.

They other two loved every minute of it!
I know they probably irritated everyone within two miles by yelling "SHARK" every five seconds.

We actually went to celebrate our 10th anniversary.
We just celebrated our 9th last month.
We didn't think next year would work out to go so we went this year instead.
Love that I got to spend the last 9 years being married to this guy.

I also love palm trees.
Florida was wonderful.


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