Nursery plans

Now that the new floors are in, I can finally start decorating the nursery! I've been collecting a few things here and there, and pinning away of course, but last night I put together my first moodboard for the room (while I love storing inspiration and ideas on Pinterest, moodboards help me visualize the final space and give me something to work from - and stay focused on - as the room comes together).

I was inspired by both of these seriously gorgeous nurseries and I want to create a similarly bright, cheery, simple and fun design for my room.


Oh, and since we've decided to be surprised by the gender, the room has to be suitable for a boy or a girl. Here's the plan so far...

1 - I made these curtains a couple years ago (using Sandi Henderson's Spring Petal Party fabric) and I'd love to use them in the nursery. The only problem is that they're a wee bit short if I want to hang them a few inches from the ceiling (I do). I'm thinking about adding solid green panels to the bottom, but I may end up making entirely new curtains from a different green fabric.

2 - It's a small room and I definitely want to incorporate some open shelving for storage. I'd also like to bring in some texture with baskets for hidden storage.

3 - My DIY bunting flag art will definitely be incorporated into the room. Right now I'm thinking about hanging them over the crib.

4 - We purchased a crib and mattress a while ago and now I'm researching a safe way to paint the crib a bright aqua or tiffany blue.

5 - I also already purchased this Serena & Lily crib sheet when it was on sale a while back. I love the reddish-orange colour and pattern, and I think it will look great against the aqua crib.

6 - This is the RENS Sheepskin from Ikea, but I'd like to get the real thing from the Lismore Sheep Farm here in Nova Scotia (as vegetarians, Adam and I are still struggling with whether this is a purchase we feel comfortable making or not, so a trip to the farm is probably in order before we make our decision).

7 - I wish I could say I'll be getting the real thing, but there's absolutely no way I could convince Adam to drop that kind of money on a chair. I'm keeping my eyes peeled for an afforable reproduction that ships to Canada.

8 - I know I'm behind the trend on the stick-on wall art, but I've always wanted to try it and a nursery seemed like the perfect place. I bought the Animals Alphabet a few weeks ago and I like that it's cute and colourful without being too over-the-top.

9 - I also bought this Giraffes print on etsy. The colours are perfect for the room and I've been weirdly obsessed with giraffes lately...

10 - I couldn't find a picture of Chapters' yellow Giraffe bookend (which I already bought), so I included the lion. Consider this a public declaration that I won't purchase any other giraffe-related items for the room :)

11 - A hand-me-down dresser from Adam's parents that I painted pistachio green and definitely want to use in the room. It's too high to double as a changing table, so I'm still trying to decide whether to buy a changing table, try building one into the closet or forgo one altogether. Any advice?


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