design regret, front hall

When we bought the house 3.5 years ago, we had 1 month to do significant renovations. Usually under that kind of pressure, especially for first time renovators, mistakes in design decisions are bound to happen. I can honestly say that I am happy with 99% of the choices we made.

So what is the one mistake that I think we did? When we were installing the new hardwood throughout the first floor, I had new hardwood laid right up to the front door. What I should have done was installed stone in the entryway. Canadian winters are snowy and wet. Not great for hardwood.

Right now we have a lovely Dash & Albert rug that protects the entry way but truthfully it's not great during the winter.

For the kitchen renovation, we've decided to install the same same hardwood in the kitchen. When our flooring guy was in quoting I casually asked if he could take out an area of hardwood in the front. He can, for only a few hundred dollars. So I think we're going to do it. Where the rug is above, we're going to take out that hardwood, and replace it with a stone or ceramic of some sort. Just adding to my list of design decisions. (Banging head on desk) But having the flooring guy here, it makes sense to do it now. Just need to find the right tile now.


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