Bathroom Redo for Under $50!

Do you ever notice those billboards with the beautiful juicy looking steak with perfect grill marks on them, yet when you get to the restaurant the item on your plate resembles a chewed up, flattened hamburger patty that an anorexic dog wouldn't touch?

I get these visions of projects to do in my head sometime.
Perfect grill marks.
Them we dive in and hope we'll have a juicy steak at the end...

I love it when your steak comes out perfect.
Maybe even better than expected.

All thanks to Derek on this one.
I told him my vision and he made it happen.

We were able to do about 75% off the planks with the leftover cuts from our living room redo.
The wood on the shelf was from the dumpster when my sisters house was built.

The paint was also from the living room redo.
It's Alabaster (color from sw) in Behr paint from HD.

The corbels are from HD.
They were our biggest expense.
Bringing our total redo cost to around $35-$40 buckaroos.

I'm cool with redo prices like that.
That's my idea of doing it cheaper;-)

The shower curtain is a drop cloth.
I decided to raise the shower curtain bar and that was the only fabric I had that was long enough to do the job.
I'm kinda diggn' it.

Now if only we could actually keep the bathroom door open to enjoy the view.
That must wait until our 1 year old learns that the toilet is not his own oversize sippy cup.



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