Weekend plans

  1. Our front garden, starting to take shape
  2. One of the rhodos we planted last year in bloom
  3. Purple tulips from the farmers' market, soon to be replaced with fresh blooms from our yard?

After a bit of a break last weekend, Adam and I plan to knock a few projects off our to-do-before-baby list this weekend (I much prefer working from this list, it being substantially shorter than our to-do-in-general list). Like installing baseboard and quarter round in the master bedroom (which hopefully means I'll have some before & almost-after photos to share with you next week) and a little DIY upgrade for our nightstands (more on that next week).

We're also planning to tackle some outdoor work (hence the photos), like getting our raised garden beds ready for planting and some less fun weeding and mulching (maybe we'll end up with a new plant or two, too). Luckily the weather is supposed to be perfect for working outdoors (fingers crossed, knock on wood).

What are your plans for the weekend? Will you be working indoors or out? Or maybe your plans involve some well-deserved relaxation?


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