We'll Call This One Goulash

If you're a goulash hater then moooove on out of here.
Eh, I could take it or leave it.

I find that having 3 little boys (or children in general) is keeping me a tad busy.
This one is growing so quickly and wow he keeps me hopping.
Most people think he's laid back, quiet and calm.
He loves me.
He doesn't want to leave my arms.
I love him too, but for some reason I find cleaning, painting, washing and ironing (HA) difficult with my two hands working and his two hands grabbing everything in sight and flinging it hither and yon.

Love him to death.

I painted this sign for a customer recently.
It kicked me in proverbial tail end.
I painted it 3 times before I was halfway happy with it.
This picture is bad because it was taken with a bad camera.
I wish I had a better close-up photo because it has a porcelain crackle finish on it that gave me fits but looks puuurtty fine!

For those that are thinking of having a custom order done...
This was the sign designed on the computer before I painted it.

As you can tell, you can get a pretty good idea of what it will look like before I start on it.

In other news.
I'm working in this room a little and will be showing it to you soon.

A side note...
It's almost summer here.
I like summer.
If you don't see me as much around these parts then you know where I'll be.
Visiting with my friend summer.
My kids are only young once.
Summer only comes once a year.
I must make sure I don't miss either.

I will be back this week with an Amazing giveaway!


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