Living Room Re-dressing

I used to snicker covertly into my balled up fist when I heard that someone had redecorated again.

I am eating my snickers in the same manner as some eat crow.

(As any normal person tends to do when they refuse to believe they might have a problem....)
I do have a good excuse!

I am addicted to moving stuff around.
I paint furniture and resell it.
I paint signs and sell them.

It's only natural that they make their way into my living room for a brief time.
Like a year or two.
They must acclimate themselves to a normal family lifestyle you know.
One can't send an inanimate object off into the wild unknown with no training.

So I train them.
I display them.
I change things.
With no guilt whatsoever.
It's wonderful.
Snicker and snort all you want.

Please excuse the messy writing on the chalkboard.
 I needed that reminder too and didn't waste time making it pretty.

The Christ Is sign was all for me though and won't be going anywhere.
Some reminders need to stay put.

I'm painting.
Would you care to see the reveal?


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