My First Love

So, today, this post has absolutely nothing to do with furniture or thrifting or my latest find. It has nothing to do with the newest trend or painting technique. 

This post, today, has EVERYTHING to do with my HEART and my PASSION for life and why I started sharing it with you. Right here. 

You see, over four years ago I started simply painting furniture. That was it. Just painting. Nothing more, nothing less. I found out that "just painting" was more than that for me. It was an outlet. It was a way to express my creative passion and give meaning to everything I felt inside.

I remember the first time. The first time I put paintbrush to wood. It was like heaven. There were literally fireworks going off inside my brain. An explosion of thoughts, ideas and joy began to overwhelm me and I felt a newness. I felt a wholeness I hadn't felt in a while. 

You see, while painting and using my creative talents was great, the part that thrilled me the most was that I literally felt a new connection with my Creator, God. 

I know it may sound corny or weird but it is my testimony for my business. I truly know that my creative talents are a gift from Him. In the beginning of the business my life, personal and spiritual, was in turmoil. Down. Right. Crazy. Quite honestly. 

At that time, RHI was Me & My House (inspired by Joshua 24:15). For me, it was a declaration that each and every part of our lives, including my business, would serve God. No matter what life looked like. No matter the circumstance. 

When I had the idea to start turning trash into treasure and refinishing vintage and antique pieces of furniture I looked forward to it with fervor. Not only was it fulfilling to see the finished product but the process was all the more exciting. Each night I would 'sneak' out to our garage, turn on my worship music, sing, pray and spend some precious time with the Lord. It was absolutely amazing. And while I thought that I was the one doing the work, it was indeed God who was doing a "work" in me. 

It took me a few months to realize it but I soon noticed a change in my life and my heart in so many areas. I continued to look forward to my times in the garage and began receiving requests for custom work and participation in shows. My relationship with my Father and my understanding for who He created me to be had reached new levels and my business was growing. Life was fresh again. 

In the middle of it all I changed the name of my biz from Me & My House to Restoration House Interiors. Why? I really felt as though, just as I was restoring furniture, God had and continues to restore ME. He is my breath. My life. My beginning. My end. My love. I can honestly say today (and I SO wasn't here a few years ago) that I LOVE Him more than ever before and that I LOVE ME more than ever before.  I love who He created me to be and all the wonderful gifts I have to be a blessing to those who come into my life for a lifetime or a season. 

I know all of that sounds amazing but there was one problem I had in all of that. I began to focus more on the PRODUCT than the PROCESS.

I focused more on the next big show more than the next life I could bless. I focused more on the money I could make than the money I could give.  I needed to get back to my first love. 

Thankfully, I have. And while every now and then I am reminded why I started all of this anyhow, I absolutely love what I do and what God has done for me and through me via Restoration House Interiors. 

What have I learned so far? 

Never lose focus. 

Never move your priorities to suit someone else's.

 Always listen to the small voice in your heart (God put it there, He's called the Holy Spirit).

Never let the PRODUCT overshadow the PROCESS.

Loving this life, (it is the only one I've got after all!)


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