Basement Changes influenced by a Toddler

The basement has changed ever so slightly. Before it was 100% my studio. It's now 50% Oscar's space, and 50% mine...and I rather like it this way. The things that make it child friendly for us is that the couch is slipcovered, so I don't mind spills. The floor is laminate, so easy cleanup with a broom. There is a small TV attached to the wall (not shown) so we put on Raffi concert DVD's sometimes and have a little dance party. The washroom is right there - and although potty training hasn't begun in our house, when it does - this will be a benefit. And lastly, being the basement I feel some felxibility about toys being everywhere. I can go to bed with the basement being a mess, and really not mind. The house is evolving ever so slightly as time goes on, and really - I'm loving the changes that a child brings. :) xo


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