Set Yo-Self Here - A Chair Redo

I was meandering around town the other day when I spotted some junk.
I heard it calling my name.
I stopped.

This little chair cried out to me and as I glanced at it's price tag I knew it would be mine.
 Just my price.

It did protest a little as I tried to smash it into the back of my van.
I should always keep the back of my van clear for furniture rescue missions such as this.

I took it home.
I didn't even go inside other than to retrieve my camera and painting supplies.
It was sunny and hot outside.
Perfect for painting a sloppy coat of paint.

I sanded and glazed it.
Settled it comfortably into its new home.
I photographed it and then quickly decided I needed to move it somewhere else.
That happens.

I am going to attempt something I have yet to try.
Paint the fabric on it.
It's actually not as stained as it appears in the pictures.
It is swine colored though.
I'm thinking a grayish, tan linen color.
What does thou thinkest?


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