Pool Redo - DAY 14 FINAL!!

Did you think I would ever share the rest of our pool redo adventure?
I wasn't so sure myself.
Losing my camera battery charger really set me back.
I had actually hopped on the computer to find a new one when a stray apple core on the floor caught my eye.
(My kids eat apples like candy. Not so great at getting the remains in the trash)
While I was down on the floor I took a look around to see what else I could do down there.
I decided to do a casual sweep with my hand under the sofa.
My battery charger.

Okay, now lets get right to it.

That pretty much sums it up right there.
The safety fence really puts a damper on the first picture.
The safety fence really needs to go back up so it can damper any future pictures as well.

Let's go to Day 14 and see what happened shall we?

The pool chemical guy showed up to get things started.
Starting up a freshly plastered pool can be a tricky thing.
Or so I'm told.
The good news was that the pump ran like a champ!
(Proud of you man!)

The bad news was that I went out there to take a look-see and noticed water gushing up from the ground.
In my world that's never a good thing.
Apparently it wasn't a good thing in our contractors world either.
A pipe to the pool had gotten busted during the concrete phase of the redo.
It was fixed in a jiffy though.

Keep in mind that the main reason we went ahead and had all of this done was because it was tied in to our family room flooding.
Imagine our disappointment when our family room flooded again last week!
Our contractor is a champ though and they came back again to fix it.
Apparently whoever built the addition on our house did not do any kind of vapor/moisture barrier anywhere.
So far so good now.
Let us all keep fingers and toes crossed.

We still have lots to do in the backyard.
I am proud of Derek for already getting that fence fixed
Next up is some tree trimming.
Some shoveling dirt around.
Some grass growing.
Some flowerbed making....
Most of all, some enjoying our "new" pool.



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