Snapshot from this evening

Aubrey is out with friends tonight at a baseball game. Oscar is fast asleep  upstairs. The house is filled with a lovely aroma from freshly baked cookies and I'm watching HGTV and catching up on blogs. It's quite a lovely evening. But something else happened this evening - I decided to start packing up parts of the kitchen in anticipation for the reno. Which is over a month and a half away.

When you know a renovation is coming up, do you start getting excited and start packing early? I do. I found myself going through cupboards, taking out baking pans, and putting them into the dining room. Part of me is doing it out of the need to see what we need storage for - as we plan drawers/cupboards etc. And part of it is out of pure excitement to get this project moving.

The photo above is after having de-cluttered the countertops of cookbooks and storage jars. And I felt a weight lifted. It made me realize that in the new kitchen, I really have to not have lots of things on the countertops - I like minimal.  Anyhow, that's where I'm at tonight. Next up on my list is to tackle the sink and faucet. It's giving me stress. But more on that later.

Ps., One of the things I dislike most about our kitchen is that corner shelving unit. It does nothing but collect clutter. Ugh. I can't wait to take that out!


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