The Countdown Begins...

It's been a while since I did a REAL post. That's because I've been crazy around here getting ready to get into my new space at The Modern Cottage Company's Vintage Market. SO crazy! 

This Friday we'll be driving down to Tacoma with the U-Haul hitched and setting up shop. 

What a blessing to finally have a space to show off my creative gifts and have some pretty amazing women to ride along with on this beautiful journey. 

Next week, I will be getting back to normal and featuring my first BLOGGER LOVE piece! 

I just know you're going to love that as well as these sneak peeks at what's going into the new store!

(Excuse the unedited photos but time only allows for so much right now) 




And there you have it...your SNEAK peek! For more, you'll have to visit the store! Hope you all are having an awesome week! 


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