What didn't get blogged

A lot of what happened this week revolved around kitchen planning. So many small (yet expensive) details. Anyhow, I'll reveal more next week to what I found in my travels as I think they are all worthy of showing you but for now here are some sneak peeks and a few other things that happened this week....
  • Photo #1: I went for dinner with my best friend that I met at University. We went for dinner to one of my favourite places here in Toronto, The Abbot. If you're go, order the Apple & Stilton Salad. It is lovely.
  • Photo #2: At Ikea I fell in love with the pull out pantry. I had to snap a photo. This will be going beside our fridge. I am *so* excited.
  • Photo #3: This is the style of cabinetry we are going with - Adele. Love.
  • Photo # 4: I've fallen for these handles that I found at Gingers. I'll post more next week. What is a average amount for cabinetry hardware? I'm so lost.
  • In other news, save 50% on business cards in my shop :-)
  • BlogPodium Sold Out!
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Have a lovely weekend! xo Lindsay


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