It's here!

Look what I picked up from the post office yesterday...

{Marrakesh Firefly Ikat Fabric}
Our house has been home to more than a few renters over the years, so when I found a parcel delivery notice stuck to our door with someone else's name on it, I didn't think much of it. I stuck it on our fridge, where it stayed for more than a week, until guilt got the better of me and I decided to let the post office know that no one named Toler lived here (at this point I had begun to imagine poor Toler waiting hopelessly for a care package from grandma to arrive).

It turns out the mail carrier accidentally wrote the name of the sender, not the recipient (me), on the slip, so it was my package after all. That's right, this gorgeous fabric could have been in my hands days ago! I used some birthday money from my father to buy it (I'm probably too old to still be getting birthday money, but please don't tell him that) and the plan is to make a couple of pillow shams for our master bedroom. The colour and quality of the fabric is amazing in person, and I can't wait to see it on our bed!


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