Blog Sponsor Profile: Pamela Munger, Artist

I decided it was time to have space on my blog for shops that I love. [I will elaborate on the thought process in a different post] Immediately after putting it out there, I've had some love, to which I'm so grateful. To show support for the people who show support in me at the begnning, I feel it right to do a post on them to say thank you.

The very first shop to show support for me was Pamela Munger, an artist who I greatly admire and I've featured on my blog awhile back when I did a roundup of art I found on Etsy. If you've read my blog for awhile, you'll know that I'm a supporter of artists, and Etsy I think is an amazing hub of tallent. Months ago I was immediately drawn to Pamela's work because of her landscapes. I love landscapes and she captures them so perfectly. The remind me of English countrysides, which are sentimental for me as my family has a soft spot for all things English. If you're looking to add original art to your home, I encourage you to take note of her shop because her prices are kind of crazy amazing - Clockwise from top Centre - Landscape storm clouds green field $65.00, Landscape with house and stream, $65.00, The Lemon Painting i s$38.00, and Spring Sky $25.00 - All under $100 for original oil drawings.

xo Lindsay


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