Opening Day

Sorry it took me a couple of days to recuperate from all of the emotion and energy that went into creating my new space at The Modern Cottage Vintage Market. It's been an amazing past couple of days and I am so excited to share with you my new "shoppette" inside the space!

So, here's the beginning of it all. It's a work and progress and with my personality it always will be! But, honestly, I really do love how everything came together. I thought that the jute rug also added a special "home" feeling to the space but kept it light, airy and natural at the same time. 


Here's a better view. I am still figuring a lot of things out. One of those things is what I want to sell from my shop and what items I will keep for display purposes. In the next couple of weeks I will move more pieces in and also add some texture with linens, pillows and such. Also need to add more greenery. As much of my time is limited, I am considering wholesale on some of my home decor items so if any of you know or would like to recommend anyone (including yourselves) just comment below! I would love to hear your suggestions. 



This was one of my favorites and it sold the first day! I was sad but also happy since it went to a uber sweet, young couple who were filling their home with antique pieces. It was great to see that they had an appreciation for antiques and the care taken in the craftsmanship in those days. Had a long conversation with them and it made me feel good to know that this one went to a good home! 

So, there it is folks! RHI's new space! I am really thankful and feel really blessed to finally truly be able to share my gifts and passion with the world...especially you!  

I will be sharing more in the next few days as I continue to stock the space full of yummy items but right now I really should get to bed. 

Excited about this new journey,


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