Sweet Redo and a Package in the Mail

OMG! Tomorrow's the big day! I am nervous. So. Nervous. 

I can't really put my finger on it but I have never felt this way. Not even when putting together my pieces for a show. 

Of course, there's all the last minute to-dos. Sand a little more here. Paint a little more there. Add some wax everywhere...

Anyhow, as requested, here's a pic of the very last piece I finished to get ready for me spot. I think it turned out scrum-diddly-umptious! 

Granted, this dresser wasn't exactly the worst I've refinished but it was pretty dated and needed a few small repairs. Good thing I was there to rescue it from sure disaster.



I just love the way it came out. Truly a traditional piece which is kinda the way I am going with my space in this season. 



I really am becoming a huge fan of the AS Graphite. Sometimes it looks blue. Sometimes gray. Sometimes black. Always pretty though.


And I got this in the mail today. I was so excited and praying that it would come before I moved all of my pieces into the store. I didn't get a pic of it but it's a custom stamp from here. I love it. On top of the uber quick ordering process, they sent me some letterpress thank you notes with my sweet little package. Talk about a repeat customer. I. Totally. Am.

So simple and totally speaks to my personal and design style. 

Okay, hope you enjoyed more sneak peeks...more pics over the weekend so come back often, leave some encouraging words, love, whatevs...just let me know you're out there! *deep breath*

Living in this moment,

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