Spring - Must Enjoy Before it Passes!

I'm a native Virginian.
Born and bred.
It's a wonderful state.
Rolling hills, history, the ocean.
I don't like trees very much.
They tend to block my view and cramp my mind into a small tree lined box.
No thanks.

I moved to Texas when I was 19.
There is no place like Texas in the spring.

Does that sound proud?
Wow, they must be rubbing off on me.
Let me see if I can issue another bold statement...
There is no one on earth prouder than a Texan.
True fact right there.

I took these photos at the deer lease a few weeks back.
There were so many wild flowers blooming and the weather was amazing.
God did a pretty awesome job.

So I'm enjoying spring.
That's not the only reason I haven't been posting though.
I can't find the battery charger for my camera.
Maybe it's under that pile of laundry in front of me.
I'll go look...


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