What didn't get blogged...

Here is my usual Friday post where I write about the little things that didn't get blogged about. But before I jump into the little things from the week - I must say how much I appreciate your feedback to my kitchen posts - I've learned quite a lot thanks to your comments. Anyhow ... back to what didn't get blogged....xo
  • Picture # 1- We built Oscar is house which is his 2nd Birthday present. He adores it! More good photos and more details on that next week.
  • Picture # 2 - I went to my favourite Value Village and spotted a whole room full of awesome furniture that I wanted to buy but had to walk away as our house has NO room. I was so mad. I think we need to buy a garage so I can just buy cool furniture when I see some, like this dresser for $19.
  • Picture #3 - You're going to flip. I decided I didn't like my painting anymore above the console. Seriously, I have issues. The wall above the console is currently blank.
  • Picture #4 - In order to get ready for the Kitchen reno I've started buying sheets from Value Village, and bleaching them (to make sure they are super clean) to use as drop cloths for things in the house. Way cheaper than buying $24 drop cloths at the store. These - $3-$4 each. We'll need to protect our TV's, couches and such from dust.
  • We finally announced the sponsors involved with BlogPodium. Although a few more sponsors are possibly coming on board, this you honestly HAVE to check out the brands. It's crazy awesome.  
Have a great weekend. We're celebrating Passover Friday & Saturday night with Aubrey's side, and then Sunday it's all about Easter in our house. The Easter Bunny I think is even coming to do a little hunt! ;)

*I posted this a little early, on Thursday evening so I could spend Friday with Oscar and not feel like I had to come down and publish my post. Although I could technically "schedule" a post to go live without me here, I take some enjoyment out of seeing my posts go live so I've never been a fan of "scheduling" posts. ;)


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