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How in the world did this week get away from me? I haven't talked with you all since LAST Friday! Oh, I know...hubby's been out of the country on business and I have managed the house and all four of our kids without him so every minute has been filled with keeping our lives full of exciting activities and social gatherings to keep our minds OFF of the fact that the anchor of our family is missing. 

So, this week, I have decided to FINALLY show my face. This whole blogging thing is sometimes so hard for me. Sometimes I don't know how much to share and how much to keep personal. Should I tell you about my day and "adventures" with my family, share kids' names, faces, friends...or should I 

keep. it. private. 

Today, I have decided to  share a little bit about me. So on this "Bloggers We Love Friday" it's about ME. 

So, there we are...our family. Minus one. Grayson, our youngest, is missing from this pic. He is now 4 months old and so precious. Seems to add just what we needed. 

On with the show here...

5 Questions:

How did your love of design turn into a passion?
Wow. That's quite a loaded question but I did come up with it! My love and passion for design began years ago. Growing up as an older child drove my desire to create. I don't know if I would say that my love of design TURNED into a passion. I feel as though it is what I was created to do. It's truly a gift from God. I wholeheartedly believe that. 

What inspires you the most?
I am inspired by most everything and can find beauty and inspiration in some of the most insane places (although most of you reading this will be able to relate). From junk yards, to trash on the road, to the most beautiful things found in nature, I draw inspiration from just about everywhere. 

What's the one thing that most people don't know about you that you wish they did?
Hmmmm....I think most people think that when it comes to furniture and decorating that I pretty much make everything that goes into my house. I don't. If it's easier and will save me time and money, I am not against purchasing pieces for my home that are "ready to wear". Even I have my limits! (I know, I know, it's hard to believe)

Is there a piece that you've refinished that you are still kicking yourself for selling?
Yes! You'll see it here. It's on RHI's Facebook cover. Sorry but I was too lazy to pull the pic off of our external hard drive! It was an antique bureau, painted in coral. So pretty. It found a loving home. I am still mourning the loss...moving. right. along. 

How would you describe your design style?
I enjoy so many different styles."Eclectic" seems so cliche but for lack of a better word, that's what I will use. I especially like mixing old with new and currently LOVE muted or neutral tones, natural fibers, and a materials. 

So, I did it. That wasn't so bad after all. Hope you enjoyed getting to know me (and finally SEE me) a little bit better!



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