Brushed steel farmhouse pendant

Last weekend Adam switched out the light fixture in our dining room (you can see the old light fixture here). We've been enjoying the new light all week, and yesterday I finally managed to snap a few photos.

It's quite different from my original inspiration, but Adam didn't like any of those options and he was ambivalent about this one (when it comes to home decor, ambivalence is sometimes a win). I love it, it works with the pendant light in our living room, and the price was great (under $60 at Home Depot). The old fixture replaced a boob light in the bathroom and it looks SO much better in there (I still have paint to touch up, but pictures soon!).

To be centred over the table, the fixture has to be swagged, especially with the addition of the settee. I purchased the old light before I found the settee, so unfortunately we cut it too short when we installed it :(

Mistakes happen, I'm just happy this one worked out!

There's still lots to do in here. The area will get a boost of colour and interest when we add built-in shelves around the window. I just can't decide if we should wait until we replace the floors to build the shelves. Decisions, decisions.

Happy Monday! xo


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