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I've tried Rub'n Buff a few times over the years but have never used it on a consistent basis. Currently, I am totally in love with gold and brass accents in the home and thought I would pull out my old handy dandy tube of this creamy liquid gold for an accent wall I am working on in our rental.
You can purchase Rub'n Buff from just about any craft store and if you can't seem to find it in your area, you can purchase it here as well.
If you'll remember, I have written a few posts about our rental. You can read the most detailed one here.
If you are new to the blog you can catch up on where I have struggled being in such a small temporary home with 6 very energetic people!
I digress.
I purchased the antlers below at a local Marshall's. Just in case you were wondering they are the Storehouse brand, come in all shapes and sizes from elk antlers, to moose, to deer and everything in between and I love them.
{BTW, please forgive the horrible pics. One is from my camera phone a few days after I purchased the antlers and remembered I didn't take a before pic so I went to the store to take a pic of these. Yup, I did. Don't judge me.}
Not bad but not the finish I wanted.
And yes, if you run to your local Marshall's tomorrow, they will probably still have some in stock. There were tons...

Not too shabby, eh?
And here is the after. Such a great transformation, don't you think?
I am really into exploring different ways to transform décor and furniture with gold paint and finishes.
Here's the next product I will be working with...have any of you ever tried it? I heard it's pretty amazing!
Can't wait to share more of my gold adventures with you! What is your decorative craving right now? Do share!


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