mirror, mirror on the wall...

There are two outstanding elements to be tackled in the washroom before I can reveal it - the hooks and the second is the mirror above the vanity. The hooks I'm not so concerned about but the mirror has me frustrated a little. One because I don't want to spend a lot, and two, all of the mirrors I *do* like are expensive. See my conundrum?

Anyhow, I've been avoiding the mirror search for awhile but think I need to narrow it down. We have a 27" wide x 43" tall space to work with for the mirror above the vanity. It's a nook, so we could technically fill the entire space with a custom mirror cut to size - however because it's an old house - even though we made things as straight as possible - I'm concerned that we may highlight not so straight walls by doing this route. So ideally we'll find a mirror that fits within the space that has some style and matches the rest of the modern, hotel style look I've gone for.

West Elm has THE perfect mirror (shown above) but unfortunately the finish is wrong. Ughhhhh. The price was right, the sizing was pretty perfect but the fact that it is nickle throws it into the "nope" category. I love polished nickle everywhere else in our house but the rest of our washroom is chrome. So, as Oscar would say; "Oh poop". (Would it be silly to buy it and paint the mirror frame?)

I love Restoration Hardware for their hardware and pieces like mirrors but I find the pricing uber expensive and get irritated that they tack on an additional 20% to an order here in Canada to account for shipping/duties. But if they had THE mirror I may do it. Above are some mirrors I liked off the bat. Top Right is a mirror I think is stunning - it's called the Astoria and has a little shelf which is amazing for small space washrooms. The curve of the top doesn't match the clean straight lines elsewhere in the washroom and I think the shelf would interfere with our faucet. But if you're doing a small washroom, this mirror looks like it would be amazing. The full lengh mirror to the right of the Astoria has a hook to hang a towel. Um. Genius! But it's $695 which as much as I love it for one of our blank walls in our bathroom, the price makes it unobtainable. But it is a genius piece for a small washroom. And even if we could afford that mirror, it still doesn't solve the mirror above the vanity issue. Carrying on. The bottom left mirror actually comes pretty darn close to being spot on. The 24" x 30" would fit in our 27" x 43" space and is quoted at $335 (US) which isn't that bad (then we tack on 20% for being in Canada)  But could I get a custom mirror made for less than that? Because the design is ridiculously simple compared to the others....

I checked out IkeaPottery Barn, Crate and Barrel and CB2 for their mirrors (I LOVE this one) and although they all have lovely items I'm pretty specific with style/finish/size. So now I'm debating researching custom mirrors with a custom frame. We've gotten mirror custom cut before but never "framed" so I'm off to google that.


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