More basement updates

Adam's teaching schedule picks up with the start of the school year, so I took advantage of the last days of summer break to fix up his basement studio. I started by moving the large jute rug from our living room downstairs and layering a couple of smaller rugs on top for colour (our dog and rugs just don't mix, so as much as I'll miss it upstairs, it's much safer in the off-limits basement).

After rearranging the layout and doing some major purging/reorganizing, I decided to give Adam's desk and a couple of mismatched chairs a fresh coat of paint. For the chairs, I used Rust-Oleum's Meadow Green in gloss. I love this colour! The desk is the same colour as our dining room table.


I found this cute vintage desk lamp on Kijiji. The compartments are perfect for corraling Adam's drum keys and guitar picks.

My favourite update may be the pegboard storage. I swiped the pegboard from our garage and gave it a fresh coat of white paint. It not only gives Adam a much-needed place to store cords and headphones, it also covers up the horrible texture on this small section of wall.

I also picked up some new light fixtures for a steal, but we haven't had a chance to install them yet. I think Adam is enjoying the new layout, but we'll see how long the clean desktop lasts ;) 


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